Asher’s Farm Sanctuary

Asher’s Farm Sanctuary is located in Pretoria East, South Africa. It is currently the only registered farm animal sanctuary in Gauteng. The sanctuary provides a safe haven for rescued farm animals, where they can live out their days peacefully and experience compassion and respect from the humans that they share their new home with.

We visited some of the sanctuary residents and spoke to Mikayla about their plans for the future.

Asher’s aims to raise awareness about the industries that profit from the exploitation of animals, as well as the effects that factory farming has on the environment. They hope to inspire visitors to connect with the animals and see them for who they are – feeling, social individuals deserving of the most basic right to life and freedom from cruelty.

Photos by Janine Mashikinya

5% of all Equality Clothing sales, until 31 December 2017, will be donated to Asher’s Farm Sanctuary. Visit our online store to support them.

If you’d like to donate specific items to help with the running of the sanctuary, here is a list of things that would be helpful:

Trees & seeds (fruit trees or indigenous trees; any veggie seeds that the animals can enjoy eating)
Shallow kiddies hard plastic pools
Gum poles
Tools or building equipment of any kind
Shade netting
Fresh veggies that the rescues can eat
Teff / Erragrostis / Lucerne grass bales
Water / feed troughs
Grooming brushes
Feed bowls
Water bowls / buckets
Feed scoops
Thermometers (preferably new, as diseases can be transmitted)
A steel medical table & cabinet
A kettle
Animal first aid (bandages / ointments etc)
Feed bins (sealable)
Seedling trays / pots for our food garden
Garden gloves / workers gloves (strictly non-leather) for our staff
Garden tools
Irrigation piping (in a good condition)
Pine Shavings / straw bedding
Mops, brooms, buckets & cloths
Sponges and animal safe soaps
Large teddy bears / soft toys
Bottles & teats
Biorem (animal probiotic)
Mobiflex (to assist Willow & Libi with their joints – one tub lasts one month)

For more information about the sanctuary, including the stories of the residents and more ways to get involved, visit their website here. You can also follow them on Facebook and Instagram as well.

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